Koss Striva wifi headphones

Koss today has introduced new wifi headphones.  The announcement is just 5 hours old but looks pretty interesting.  In addition to plugging (sorry) into a Koss streaming service users can attach an small adapter to any iOS device.  Set your iPhone down and walk around listening to music wireless!

Kinda thinking this would be nice while mowing the lawn or even better…working out.  Cannot tell you how many times my iPod headphones have been caught up on a treadmill arm.  Arg!  Time for my gym to install some wireless APs around their facilities.

MDNA: sales vs. torrents

I simply burst out laughing reading the Detroit News‘ article regarding Madonna’s sharply falling record sales.  Her latest release MDNA debuted at #1 last week after selling 359,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan. Yet as the article indicated: Madonna set to make the wrong kind of chart history.  Clearly author Adam Graham (@grahamorama) has no idea how torrents have simply crushed the music industry.  If he does understand — it was not mentioned in his article.

Riddle me this: How does Nielsen, Billboard or any other entertainment resource accurately reflect the impact of torrents on sales?  Ah….they can’t. The fact that Nielsen/Billboard still lists “traditional chart history” tells me another analog business is choking to death on the globalized internet.

I have come to accept that illegal downloads are no different than drugs, ebooks, guns or music.  All are in heavy demand.  The only difference: ebooks and music use the internet. Supply and demand.  Nothing more.

Its been a long standing issue for me to see mainstream media really show how inept they are when it relates to the globalization of the internet.  So what exactly did Adam Graham miss?

If you really want to understand the way the world works…

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Watergate’s Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson died Saturday. I think he will be remember more for his post Watergate actions than the Un-American acts he managed in Nixon’s White House. Regrettably today’s short attention span media will focus on the last years of his life rather than painfully share again with America the lessons of those in control of power in the beltway.

Chuck was a member of the Watergate Seven and will be forever tied to the illegal actions of breaking into the private offices of psychiatrist Dr. Lewis Fielding and stealing files relating to patient Dan Ellsberg who leaked the Pentagon Papers. We should not look past his role of authoring Nixon’s Enemies List and his role in the Vietnamization of the war in SouthEast Asia.

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Why I drive

Kinda forget over the last ten years the joy of driving this car. Thanks to a very funny cast for reminding me why BMW is the ultimate driving machine.  The laughs really begin at 4:15 mark.

Best thing I ever did was christen a new set of break pads at Road America for a BMW performance driving event.