Introducing the AWS IoT cloud

The emerging IoT developer community received a much anticipated jolt of news when Amazon finally announced new enterprise services dedicated to the AWS IoT cloud launch at their 2015 re:Invent conference.
AWS IoT Cloud PlatformThis new AWS IoT cloud service will permit web based interfaces to manage IoT events from various devices: sensors, wearables, drones, and of course mobile tools and apps around an established AWS ecosystem.

The AWS IoT cloud emerges as Amazon’s long term platform following the SalesForce Thunder platform announced last month. Both vendors look to establish key IoT cloud solutions in the corporate enterprise space. They join Cisco’s IoT, Microsoft’s Azure IoT, Oracle’s Movintracks along side GE’s energy launch of Current IoT. The race is now on to process millions of data events from light bulbs to dishwashers and cars over the MQTT protocol and process those messages in their respective clouds.

Amazon is leveraging 11 services around their IoT Cloud strategy to include existing AWS services: Kinesis, Redshift, S3, SNS, SQS, ML, DynamoDB and Lambda. A key investment to this strategy was the recent acquisition of 2lemetry, a IoT enterprise company tuned for transforming raw data from IoT devices onto their ThingFabric platform.

Amazon will naturally leverage their consumer products into their IoT Cloud with Dash devices branded as the AWS IoT Button. To no surprise links to their recently launched Echo unit have been demo’d this week.

Amazon’s ability to launch branded kits from enterprise partners (no Raspberry Pi kit yet) shows a commitment to establishing a strong connection to best position AWS IoT cloud as a diverse business solution. Partner IoT kits are already in place….and easily ordered via of course.

The AWS IoT cloud price will be initially set at 250,000 free messages per month with surcharges of $5 for every additional one million messages in the same monthly billing cycle. Amazon will not charge for messages to select AWS services.

What say you?