Whats new is now old

Microsoft’s Photosynth was a hit at TED last year and looked to be really promising regardless of running only on XP SP2 and Vista (shame on you Microsoft) but the same team along with the University of Washington has moved forward with new photo, video and VR technologies:

This should be a very interesting mashup of multiple media formats.  Great work and a wonderful tool for education.

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Milwaukee has Google street views!

Milwaukee has just been added by Google to their cool interactive Street View component of Google Maps? What a cool technology for the city and organizations to exploit in Google’s popular mapping service.

milwaukee street view via google

So feel free to email anyone and send a link permitting visitors to interactively tour Milwaukee via Google’s panoramic street view component. No mention in local media (newspapers, TV or radio) about Milwaukee joining this cool web tool.

With linking and embedding supporting this will provide a great resource for Web2.0 tools as well….like building the interactive frame right into your blog:

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Milwaukee joins great cities including San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Miami, New York City, Boston and Orlando with support for Google’s street view technology.

It may surprise some around town that many established cities (including Seattle) are not yet supporting street view.

Wish the resolution of their camera was better….but its a cool start.

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Tech futures in higher education

internet2 k20Today’s Live Discussion at the Chronicle of Higher Education points to the growth of new technologies that will change the college campus. Gartner’s “Hype Cycle for Higher Education” focused on technologies that will transform colleges in the next 10 years: global library digitization projects, personal devices with campus network access, Internet2, e-learning repositories, quantum computing and virtual worlds.
I am very glad to see Internet2 getting more press as a key, defining technology for the future of colleges.

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Latest read: The Tipping Point

A long and exciting summer with Maxwell has taken me away from my daily reading. But I have just finished Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference and learned its just as great as reviews have suggested.
Chapter 3 (The Stickiness Factor: Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues and the Educational Virus) is a really great read and made a real impact in approaching a thread that is currently underway on Internet2‘s Teaching and Learning listserv.

The discussion is about the impact of SecondLife in K12 education. There are real questions about the validity of SecondLife.

After the initial hype of SecondLife (for higher education) peaked, colleges now find themselves in the same rut about really embracing SecondLife when virtual visits never really materialized. A lost leader? Probably.

Many including Wired‘s Chris Anderson are openly debating the ‘stickiness’ of SecondLife. Does it provide solid learning outside the classroom or studio?

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The real golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.
I’m always disappointed to see how copyright handcuffs what an artist can create. For example:


This message is from RealViz’s Stitcher program, a photographic virtual reality rendering program. “Due to legal issues” you cannot look at an image if the camera focal length is really wide.

What could a visual artist create without this man made limitation?

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Internet2 – Performing Arts

Fall 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting
Performing Arts Advisory Group (Invitation Only)
December 06, 2006, 11:45 AM – 1:15 PM
Location: CC23 A

A lot of big news in this session. The one that will capture the imagination of many — the London Symphony Orchestra is now connecting to Ukrena, Europe’s Internet2 and available for new educational and performance based events.

Cleveland is really out in front with a group of performing arts events. The Cleveland Ingenuity Festival has brought many Arts groups together. Milwaukee could benefit from this group, especially with the international film festivals.

NYSERNet is building “Manhattan connects” while Notre Dame is broadcasting theatre performances over Internet2 in China and Italy. This was refreshing to hear and really a call for inspiration.

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Internet2 – OSTN Film Festival

Fall 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting
Internet2 OSTN Film Festival
December 06, 2006, 7:30 AM – 8:45 AM
Location: CC21 C

The Open Student Television Network OSTN is now an Internet2 affiliate just this week.
This was a great session..and a standing room audience.

This will be a great opportunity for students (as access to tools continues to climb yet pricing continues to drop) opening the door to more and more student artists. This is for the BFA seeking student, not the professional film maker.

Wisconsin is really the great Midwest film resource with the Milwaukee International Film Festival, Madison’s Wisconsin Film Festival. Milwaukee also hosts the European MediaArts Film Festival at MIAD.

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Internet2 – 2nd Life session

Fall 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting (Live netcast and video on demand information)
Teaching & Learning in Massively Multiplayer Virtual Worlds: Second Life Adventures in Learning
December 05, 2006, 8:45 AM – 10:00 AM Location: CC11 B
David Antonacci, University of Kansas Medical Center
Marcus Childress, Emporia State University
Jean Gardner, Topeka Shawnee County Public Library
Randy Stout, Kansas Board of Regents

2ndLife Internet2

Second Life had a new announcement at Internet2 yesterday – Cisco is now providing access to their content in Second Life. Not only is this great for education but a nice nudge to those who may not yet see the emerging movement in this virtual world.

Engaging students in virtual worlds for education is the goal of this session. This is also to push 2nd life as a broad communication for engaging faculty for virtual educational programming.

At first 2nd Life gets in the way of your 1st real life and then your first real life gets in the way of your 2nd life!

Opened to the public in 2003 — now over 2 million real users.  2nd Life is so big Congress is actually looking to tax your accounts in 2nd Life.

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