Internet2 & Verizon

I2 Verizon BizInternet2 announced today that Verizon Business has joined Internet2 as a corporate member. Verizon joins corporate members including Google, Cisco, Northrop and Johnson & Johnson among others. Interest in Internet2’s 100GBs backbone is sparking interest all over the place.

Internet2’s corporate members are not just networking companies, but rather innovate firms seeking to enhance their business with advanced networks. Verizon will collaborate with the Internet2 community on advanced optical networking projects.

“One of the strongest values of the Internet2 community is its commitment to the exploration and development of leading-edge Internet technology.”

In addition today’s press release notes the development of next-generation content delivery and network security within the Internet2 community and Verizon. Will the delivery of HD video over the public internet be far behind?

CNN Money press release here

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