Ivanti Interchange Podcast

On a personal note, I was humbled to be considered a guest on Ivanti’s Interchange Podcast addressing ransomware in healthcare.

it interchange podcastI added their new series to my collection of InfoSec podcasts as soon as our Hospital server team acquired Ivanti’s Patch for Windows service back in June.

In this timeframe, I suggested to our Hospital’s patch subcommittee to consider Ivanti’s Patch Tuesday Webinar series into our meeting scheduled.

Ivanti launched their monthly webinar in April 2017 and provide a solid overview to Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday releases. This also includes key third-party updates from Adobe, Google, and Mozilla.

After registering for October’s webinar, by chance an out-of-the-blue a marketing specialist from Ivanti called. When I confirmed our participation in the coming Patch webinar, they suggested considering their new IT Interchange Podcast. I believe they were pleasantly surprised that I was able to recite all their podcast topics.

I shared that our hospital had deployed their Patch for Windows service and after just 90 days, reduced the number of man-hour patching by twelve hours! This was a great compliment to their product as our server team was able to reclaim over a day and a half of time. Clearly, Ivanti provides great efficiencies in patching. And in the age of ransomware, this is key for healthcare. In late 2016 the US Department of Health and Human Services issued new guidance for addressing ransomware across healthcare. Frankly, to cut to the chase, a ransomware attack will automatically trigger an onsite HIPAA audit. Nobody wants auditors arriving onsite to a hospital.

As we spoke about the role their product plays in our hospital patching service, they shared that a healthcare topic was on their plans for a future podcast topic. Perfect timing? A few emails back and forth solidifying with their podcast team and then I had a short conference call with Steve Eror, McKay Allen, and Erica Azad to suggest possible areas to discuss and understand if it was a subject matter that interested them.

To my pleasant surprise, they confirmed their interest in planning a recording session….and off to the races we went.


Ivanti’s Patching for Windows proves how hospitals, clinics, and health systems can confidently secure their infrastructure and protect their patients as security bulletins and monthly roll-ups arrive on schedule or out-of-band.

January 4, 2018
Ivanti Interchange Podcast:

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How Ivanti helps Hospitals, Clinics & Health Systems

Ivanti’s Patching for Windows service is a solid, tested solution for healthcare facilities. While small clinics will benefit, Hospitals and Health Systems with 500+ servers (physical and virtual) will see their efforts streamlined, with optional syncing to SCCM. This service provides an agile change management process for patch management in the age of ransomware.

Following WannaCry a 500+ server health systems cut 12 hours in their manual patch cycle (1.5 days in savings) within the first four months of deployment. Server admins will be very pleased with Ivanti’s professional and prompt response to customer support inquiries.

The added benefit for any server patching team is Ivanti’s Patch Tuesday Webinar series. Teams from IT Infrastructure, Server, Field Services and Information Security will benefit from this monthly resource in efficiently planning Microsoft and select Third Party (Adobe, Chrome, FireFox, etc.) updates across Dev, Test and Prod environments in collaboration with Change Management and Leadership communications across the organization.

WannaCry did not just happen overnight. Ransomware attacks reinforced, more than ever in 2017, that cyber risk is a business risk.

What say you?