Social Media – Just 5 Things

5 Simple things you need to know about social media

1. It’s not just blogging
2. Bloggers aren’t just “guys who don’t date.”
3. There is a business model for social networking, but it’s not what you think.
4. Social networking can be incredibly powerfull free research for your brand
5. Your brand needs to be blogging. Don’t believe me? Just ask Microsoft.

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Millions of bloggers can’t be wrong

A recent 2004 survey suggests that up to 7 percent of online U.S. adults, or 8.8 million people, now blog. That year-on-year growth rate of bloggers would be roughly consistent with blog research firm Technorati, which tracks more than 2 million blogs and adds some 10,000 new blogs every day. 

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A new brand of blog

Blog publisher Gawker Media has teamed with Nike to take online journaling in a new direction with a Nike-branded branded blog.

The Art of Speed ( showcases 15 filmmaker’s interpretations of speed. While it does not have any direct advertising, Nike’s signature swoosh symbols appear in various places. The filmmakers are not amateurs — Speed’s roster includes a Sundance Film Festival winner, music video directors, animation experts and filmmakers with museum installations. Gawker’s other publications, Wonkette, Gizmodo and Defamer, also link to the Art of Speed site.

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Blogging goes business – again

But blogs, short for Web logs, are fast gaining corporate recognition and soon may be acknowledged simply as important.

In a sign blogs are moving mainstream, major technology companies, including Microsoft Corp. and International Business Machines Corp.came together at a recent conference to discuss the profit potential of the Web publishing format.

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Get News when YOU want

So here comes RSS.  A great new technology that keeps us current on the news and information we seek out, not information presented to us in print, tv and radio. 

But how long will it take the masses to adopt to this smart information sharing? 
For now, a trend that introduces deeper changes in the way we receive information.

Rich Media on the rise

Rich Media to Reach $3.8 Billion, Video Ads a Sixth of That.

JupiterResearch predicts that video ads are about to take a greater share of the online pie, rising from $121 million in ad billings this year to $657 million by 2010. That represents only a rise from two percent of online ads today – according to Jupiter’s figures – to four percent in 2010, as Jupiter yesterday predicted vast online market growth to $16 billion through 2009. Rich media in general is predicted to grow to $3.8 billion by the end of 2009, about a quarter of the total.

The increased comfort traditional ad agencies have with the TV-like ad units contribute to the projected increase, as well as other firms’ desires for cross-media integration, according to Jupiter.

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Duke iPods

Duke University is implementing a program this fall providing iPods to incoming freshman with education related content. It’s a solid first step in providing information on-demand to students and integrates the popularity of portable audio in the digital world.