Rich Media on the rise

Rich Media to Reach $3.8 Billion, Video Ads a Sixth of That.

JupiterResearch predicts that video ads are about to take a greater share of the online pie, rising from $121 million in ad billings this year to $657 million by 2010. That represents only a rise from two percent of online ads today – according to Jupiter’s figures – to four percent in 2010, as Jupiter yesterday predicted vast online market growth to $16 billion through 2009. Rich media in general is predicted to grow to $3.8 billion by the end of 2009, about a quarter of the total.

The increased comfort traditional ad agencies have with the TV-like ad units contribute to the projected increase, as well as other firms’ desires for cross-media integration, according to Jupiter.

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Duke iPods

Duke University is implementing a program this fall providing iPods to incoming freshman with education related content. It’s a solid first step in providing information on-demand to students and integrates the popularity of portable audio in the digital world.