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The 2017 Ransomware attacks on healthcare or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ivanti.

Ivanti’s Patch for Windows helps hospitals, clinics, and health systems mitigate ransomware attacks with agile change management, security controls and third-party patching for healthcare in the age of ransomware.
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How did hospitals and clinics come to rely upon Ivanti? In 2017 the healthcare industry was confronted for the first time by a multi-headed monster in ransomware attacks. WannaCry, NotPetya and multiple ransomware strains have forever changed the data security landscape for hospitals, clinics and health systems.

Ivanti’s Patch for Windows service provides a solid, tested patch service for healthcare systems. Hospital server teams will quickly see their efforts streamlined by a template system. This service includes an optional sync into SCCM patch management.

Following WannaCry attacks in May, a health system with over 500 servers cut 12 hours in their manual patching cycle — just within their first three months of deployment!

Most importantly, our IT Server Admins are pleased with Ivanti’s professional (and prompt) response to customer support inquiries.

The added benefit for any server patch team is Ivanti’s Patch Tuesday Webinar series. Teams from IT Infrastructure, Server, Field Services and Information Security will benefit from this monthly resource in efficiently planning Microsoft and select Third Party (Adobe, Chrome, FireFox, etc.) updates across Dev, Test and Prod environments in collaboration with Change Management and Leadership communications across the organization.

WannaCry did not just happen overnight. Ransomware attacks prove in 2017, that cyber risk is a business risk. Ivanti’s Patch for Windows proves hospitals, clinics, and health systems can confidently and securely patch their infrastructure, protect their patient’s PHI data as security bulletins and monthly roll-ups arrive via out-of-band or monthly Patch Tuesdays.

Webinar: June 27th: Ivanti’s Chris Goettl
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