Understanding the complex world of today for a better tomorrow
In the mid-1970s CBS Television began running 30-second promo spots at the end of television shows deemed worthy of educating viewers by providing subject-related books available for reading from their local library. Today’s college students were not born. Neither were their most of their parents.

Throughout my life, I have held a special privilege of working with college students at The University of Chicago, Marquette University, The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and the University of Wisconsin. Many discussions revolved around topics textbooks required for their semesters of study. Yet some of my most rewarding discussions with students revolved around life outside of college. Consider yourself fortunate to be apart of a campus community for over 20 years engaging students and faculty.

To go back in time….I wish a mentor would have presented me with those important books at the time. And not just to read — but to fully digest, to understand the coming lessons that would face me upon graduation. Below is my humble list for students today. Readers will find lessons timeless. Others are painfully repeated. I believe these will boldly serve as a guide for any student’s life.






Big Data:

The Watergate Crisis:

2008 Global Financial Crisis:

9/11 and the War on Terror:

The Vietnam War:

Great authors cross our lives in many ways. Consider how they lead by writing on society, economics, globalization and ideas. Others succeed regarding design, organizations and law:

Author Tom Friedman:

Author Jim Collins:

Author Chris Anderson:

Author Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner:

Author Malcolm Gladwell:

Author Edward Tufte:

Author Guy Kawasaki:

Author Seth Godin:

Author Tom Kelley:

Author Paul Krugman:

Author Albert-Laszlo Barabasi:

Author Larry Lessig:

Author Jon Krakauer:

Author Tom Rath: