Bluetooth headsets for MP3 players

We should be seeing the release of wireless headsets that support stereo audio, promising a new generation of untethered MP3 players and music-enabled cell phones. For reasons unknown there could be a divide between using standards-based technologies like Bluetooth or proprietary systems, which raise the potential for incompatibility in the marketplace.

Zeevo Inc. and Cambridge Silicon Radio are releasing Bluetooth products this week that support stereo sound. These products are to be ready for the Christmas shopping season.

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Bluetooth your BMW

On the heels of iPod integration into your BMW, the car company also added Bluetooth support for your cell phone…

BMW Universal-Hands-Free System with Bluetooth Wireless Technology.
Revolutionary wireless technology allow you to create a hands-free communication system in your BMW with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. Just bring your cell hone into the cabin of your 3 Series and you will be able to send and receive calls through the vehicle’s electronic hands-free system. As long as your BMW and your cell phone are both turned on, you don’t even have to place the cell phone in a cradle — it can stay in your briefcase or handbag. The system also features an advanced voice recognition system for true hands-free dialing.

Original BMW Accessories Catalog – PD10402-100M (Page 41)

ULF Bluetooth module for Sedans and Sports Wagons form 3/03-on:
Part #:84 21 0 934 552 Price:$435.00

ULF installation kit:
Part #:84 11 0 302 639 Price:$164.00
**Not available for 2004 vehicles equipped with BMW Assist.

Immersive dome-theatres

A website supporting full dome, a collection of resources for users, developers and designers of dome-based digital theaters, displays and content. Full digital dome theaters are located around the world including some of the following US locations: Houston, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Wichita, Denver, New York and Albuquerque.


Attention Neil Sedaka!

Yamaha has introduced electronic pianos and keyboards that can stream directly over the internet. While I may chuckle it could be nice to hear my grandmother who lives five states away play…or for that matter the opportunity to listen to music from an organ at The USAF Academy’s Cadet Chapel, Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago, Mormon Tabernacle or the Washington National Cathedral.

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