The power of blogs

Regardless of your political views, the CBS errors in Dan Rather’s 60 Minutes II article regarding George Bush’s treatment in the Guard show the true power of bloggers. The only problem may be those who blogged against CBS were actually members of the Republican party. Where is the non-partisian view?

Camera to phone imaging

Kodak today announced Mobile Phone Wallpaper permitting users to access imaging shot with Kodak’s Mobile Service (or and transmit those images to their mobile phones. The application will re-size the image to match the phone’s screen size.

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Get your own blog at college

The University of Warwick in the UK is giving every student a blog account. You can communicate much more effectively with your blog. So higher education is moving from providing webspace to blogs. The impact of blogging continues.
And I remember getting email back in the day was a big thing.
…I’m so old.

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