Palm Zire72 in classrooms too

A private school outside Chicago (Downers Grove) has placed a Palm Zire 72 handheld and wireless keyboard into the hands of every student grades 4 – 8th along with every teacher.

“The pilot program gave us a chance to discover the possibilities that handhelds bring to teaching, learning and other aspects of school life,” said Joe Janojak, technology director at Avery Coonley.


iPod in the classroom

Wired online has this article about faculty bringing the iPod into the classroom as a resource for students. This follows the success of the Duke University iPod initiative that gave an unit to each incoming freshman this past fall semester.
As a result Duke faculty began delivering audio resources via a “podcast” enabling students to listen to lectures and presentations after the fact, at their leisure.

As podcasting continues to grow the implications for education are two fold: embrace it and begin your own podcasts (where you can control your content) or students will continue recording lectures without your knowledge and podcast them anyway.
I have listened to podcasts of students who record lectures and place them on-line.

The ability to share resources is just a part of today’s student profile along with IM and cellphone text messaging. When I was in school students would audiotape lectures as well — nothing new — other than the digital tools and the internet to share lectures on-line.

Duke’s own faculty have provided select lectures on the Apple iTunes music store (for free) and this can only help share educational resources around the globe to further education.

Wired Website

Duke Website

The day after…

What a weekend. The Midwest was hit by the first “Blizzard of 2005” and by the end of the day EastCoasters were feeling the power of the storm.
With many things in life….water always wins.

I was able to spent my morning snowed in my home office in Milwaukee as a series of events developed. Blogging and RSS workshops regarding the next step in a user centered internet was underway out east. In Boston RSS Winterfest was underway along with the “Blogging, Journalism & Credibility” Conference held at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. So while the snow fell and white-out conditions were appearing outside my window I listen to the audio stream from Harvard and learned that many things in life will change more rapidly today due to the influence of second generation internet publishing tools.

These tools include audio and video. The most popular emerging technology is Podcasting. Have a computer and microphone? Well you can Podcast and allow anyone with a computer or .mp3 player (an iPod perhaps) to listen at their leisure — when they want — when they are ready.

During the conference some voiced statements of credibility regarding blogs and others asked why a blog in the first place.
Remember those same comments with the web was introduced?
Remember those who asked if a webpage was credible or why a company would need a webpage?

Small steps everyone. The web began in small steps. Now that some of the early web technologies have matured they can be applied to blogs and the learning curve has been reduced.

Google launches Picasa

Google has launched Picasa2, a software application that finds the pictures on your computer and creates visual albums to share. OS requirements are Windows only…but do not fret OS X users there is Apple’s iPhoto and your pictures folder….And if you want iPhoto to automatically push photos to your blog – then pickup Daikini and you’ll be off and running