Movies on smartphones via 3GPP

Wildwave, a mobile entertainment provider and Darklight Film Festival have combined to launch The Wildlight Channel, a channel aimed at mobile phones.

The channel will initially focus on short films. But with new compression standards and MPEG-4 video the optimum time is not yet determined.

BBC: Moving to QuickTime 7

The BBC’s Motion Gallery is migrating from Windows Media to QuickTime 7.

The reason: H.264.

There is something powerful here. When their Motion Gallery is complete — it just may require other online content providers to look at this H.264 technology as a segment fo MPEG-4 and migrate to this great delivery tool.

Turner Broadcasting on MPEG-4

Video Networks Limited (VNL), the provider of the HomeChoice entertainment and communications service, today announced that it has expanded its line-up with Turner Broadcasting’s Toonami, a leading children’s animation channel, using MPEG-4 / AVC format, making it the world’s first television channel to be encoded with advanced compression technology.