Radio2.0 – part 2

The update of my radio2.0 post:

A study by Arbitron/Edison Media Research finds that the weekly Internet radio audience has increased 50% over the last year. Twelve percent of Americans age 12+ have listened to Internet radio in the past week, a 50% increase over the 2005 estimate of 8%.

Nearly one in five 18- to 34-year-olds listened to Internet radio in the last week. Nineteen percent of Americans age 18-34 listen to Internet radio during an average week. Internet radio delivers 16% of persons in the prime 18-49 radio buying demo.

However, just 19% of those online have ever listened online to their most listened to AM/FM radio station. While this number is a record high, up from 15% the previous year, it shows the continued lack of usage of Internet streaming as a way to increase a station’s reach.

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