RSS: Your time is now

Over the last couple of months I have been speaking with friends and family who share frustrations about surfing the web for information on a regular basis. They use web bookmarks to return again and again to specific pages for information from movies and television programming to favorite meal recipiets.


At some point we have become all too familiar with the “comfort” of surfing…somewhat aimlessly I must admit for myself. Constant repetition is great for golf but not web surfing….or data surfing to be more specific.

Last year I began using RSS feeds and would sum it all up for friends and family: instead of finding data on webpages by surfing to them one at a time, empower RSS to bring all that information to you all at once.

I have reached a point where I’m trying to move friends and family to the next evolution of content distribution…smart syndication. It will save you time: the call to my brother that is most appealing about RSS as he takes care of my niece and nephew.

And the best news – RSS has embraced media types from audio podcasts and video to illustration, photography and all those CSS galleries.

The 2006 English tennis Wimbledon have even announced RSS feed.

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Globalization – Getting faster

We live in a globally connected world. China and Russia are now connected to America via the internet and are just as close as Mexico…Actually they are just three seconds away on the web. How America completes is still silent in global world economy. The impact to our educational future will be critical to learn, edit and execute. What does the future hold?

Figure out something that you really like. Because you’ll be competing against students in Russia, China, India, and the Czech Republic.
–Craig Barrett, Intel Chairman

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Latest read: Nixon Triumph of a Politician, 1962-72

Just finished noted historian Stephen E. Ambrose second volume on Nixon: Nixon: The Triumph of a Politician, 1962-1972¬†and it’s quite a task.


Ambrose as at his best walking the reader from Nixon’s failed run in the California gubernatorial campaign where he famously stated to the press “Your not going to have Nixon to kick around anymore” to his landslide re-election in 1972 with Watergate just beginning to explode.

The details of Nixon’s inherited war in Vietnam are the most revealing. Vietnam cast such a long shadow on Nixon’s Presidency. However all things begin equal he could not escape the shadow of Johnson’s role escalating the war in Vietnam. Nixon himself destroyed the “Imperial Presidency” he so hungered to achieve. Continue reading “Latest read: Nixon Triumph of a Politician, 1962-72”