The Rise of a New Power

The power and reach of today’s internet makes our world dynamically and digitally connected. During the dotcom boom telecommunication companies dropped high speed fiber around the globe. Networks and ecommerce merged and as a result China is as close to America as Mexico. Face facts, the fast broadband internet places China just three seconds away from any company seeking to expand their business to a billion new customers.China’s economy is growing annually at 9% and is projected to be the second largest economic power within the next 15 years. China’s large population is adapting technology. More Chinese citizens connect wirelessly to the web than the total American population in our own country.

American business are beyond looking into China for business potential, just to remain competitive companies must begin to see the benefits in expanding operations as China begins to ramp up preparation for the upcoming Olympic games, giving the Chinese a new view to the world…and an invitation many will be looking at for the first time. That’s quite an opportunity….

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Latest read: Chain of Command

One lesson: Abu Ghraib and Photography…just don’t mix.¬†Seymour Hersh has provided the details and background to this scandal in great depth in the pages of Chain of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib.
chain of commandAs one who learned about this breakdown from traditional news sources Hersh provides criticism for the Bush Administration and Donald Rumsfeld with a new insider view of the breakdown of command and control.

Clearly the treatment depicted in photographs now famous only harms future American interests and the war on Al Qaeda.

Acceptable Torture? Hersh has stated our actions (photos) have given the green light to our current and future enemies: a ready-made excuse to ignore Geneva Conventions. Don’t like where this goes…for our futures.