Adobe CS3 launch

It was an impressive start. Adobe spent two years and over 80 million lines of code to update their Creative Suite. The new upgrades to Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and the other Adobe + Macromedia products sure made a splash.

adobe chart

Interested to see where they are moving?  The impact of mobile solutions has never been more apparent.  Since Adobe is leading with support in their new tools, the creative community better follow.

The rollout of CS3 was off and running in NYC when they lost video to their webcast and studio audiences. bummer. After a break they were still not able to get
video working but the damage killed the buzz. And when they stated online the video would be available…still cannot find it today.

The product mix is similar to Microsoft’s Vista: Six different versions of CS3. Some shipping in April…others shipping sometime in 2007.

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The new Adobe

Since Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia, the creative landscape has really picked up steam. Especially with the rise of AJAX. Adobe is not standing still in the current Age of Google. On March 27th the long expected announcement of their Creative Suite 3 will be rolled out. And following the Vista lead we may see several versions of CS3 to choose from.

apolloOn the sidelines, but no small potato is Apollo. Adobe has been working to keep this development kicking for a while but has recently announced it public beta alpha release in both Mac and Windows versions.

All in one breath: Bringing the best of Flash, CSS and programming APIs to the desktop for rapid development of new types of client tools that tap the internet?

Hmmm…okay. So leverage Flash as the be all — end all — with CSS tied in and skip the need for a web browser?

To keep up with Google, Adobe will also be rolling out a web version of Photoshop. I’m sure it will be stripped with an option to save your work to a storage server. Interesting. This is another online tool for Adobe following Photobucket.

I’m sure it will drive a lot of traffic, but how does the Photoshop brand survive? CS3 will show us two versions of Photoshop — Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop CS3 Extended. On top of the expected web version sits Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Album. And Adobe just rolled out Photoshop Lightroom. So long Elements?

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Latest read: State of Denial

So I reached the finish line of Bob Woodward’s three part series on Bush at War. State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III is hard hitting to say the least. Not sure why I could not get through it earlier. I’ve been on a reading tear of late, but also pulling duty on our bathroom update for our first born.

As the book clearly shows, there are a lot of issues that have turned into stumbling blocks for the Bush Administration. It clearly shows we are involved in another disaster: Vietnam 2.0

Amazed that Woodward closed the series and his book with feedback from Robert McNamara, former US Secretary of Defense during Vietnam.

Pick your poison: is it worse that Bush could not admit during five minutes of questioning that no weapons of mass destruction (WoMD) were ever found in Iraq — or was it Johnson’s Gulf of Tonkin resolution? Your pick.

Did McNamara micromanage the war like Donald Rumsfeld? Are we today supporting an army in Iraq as weak as the South Vietnamese Army? Probably if the time frame was the ARVN following the Tet offensive.

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March Inspiration

This morning I read about Coby Karl a basketball player at Boise State. Its March Madness and I love basketball.

coby karlBut this is about Coby fighting cancer. And he shares something with my Mom: papillary carcinoma.

I respect his wishes to keep his issue private. So please allow me to say…

Courage: You excel in the arena while keeping word of this diagnosis from the media — as to not distract your team’s goal: NCAA tournament basketball.  In a word….competition.

Inspiration: While cancer spreads (another powerful pair of words) you lead your team in scoring while playing a large number of minutes per game. A game that requires strength, patience and stamina.

I’m sure you don’t see it this way…your focus was contributing to the success of your team in tournament play. Quite simply you are proving that anyone afflicted with cancer can be strong and accomplish extraordinary tasks — like playing championship caliber basketball. I wish Coby a speedy recovery, success in your basketball future and most importantly a happy, fulfilling life.

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Michigan’s Merit network

This week WiscNet‘s Internet2 K20 webconference featured Jim Moran from Merit Network, Inc. Merit is Michigan’s version of WiscNet. As Outreach Lead Coordinator Jim shared his experiences how Michigan schools are using high-bandwidth applications.

meritMichigan has 15 public universities but no single university system like Wisconsin. Merit began in 1966 with the University of Michigan, Michigan State and Wayne State connecting for mainframe access. Today Merit has now grown connecting to Chicago and Canada, extending their regional partnerships.

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