Hello world

Its with great joy that we share with you the birth of our son Maxwell. He was born yesterday, May 29th 2007 at 12:49pm CST. Max arrived at 8.4 lbs and measured 21 inches from head to toe.

A few photos of Max on his birthday. We are so glad to share these few moments with you: –click on a thumbnail for a larger image:
(Sorry for the delay … Dad was busy changing diapers working with imaging)

max00 max01 max02 max03 max04 max05 max06 max07 max08

Books to read

My latest shipment from Amazon arrived today…


I’m looking forward to Joseph Stiglitz’s new really new Making Globalization Work. His first book on the subject Globalization and Its Discontents…seemed maybe a bit hostile?

Also received feedback from MIAD grad Matt Spannem that Glenn Reynolds’ An Army of Davids: How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths would be right up my alley…sorry for the delay Matt, but I finally have it. Looking forward to the journey.

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Identity 2.0

While a lot has been written about securing your identity on the internet, we still have a long way to. This interview includes Dick Hardt from Sxip. I think OpenID has merits. go.[video src="http://www.sxip.com/files/videos/cbc_news_may07.mp4" /]

I hope one day we can ALL log into an internet and have a safe, secure ability to prove who you are while engaging in conversation, learning or commerce.

CALEA the day after

So what was all the fuss over CALEA forcing colleges and libraries to comply with FBI wiretapping guidelines?  Outside of Cisco registering its biggest sales quarter in history, the lawsuits did not appear to be valid.  But American University has stopped offering public internet access in their library.

Could the US Government actually force all colleges and libraries to upgrade network equipment to permit wiretapping?   Impractical to say the least.  Did I miss the the CALEA upgrade from Cisco?

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Future Planning

ubuntu tee

The time is now…and I’m not planning to fail to teach the impact of Linux. There have been many opportunities for me to gain a deeper understanding of the open source movement tied directly to the implications by major companies around the globe.

Companies must not only embrace this but develop, invest and rethink business as a result of this movement. Education is no exception . Ubuntu is hot right now.

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WiscNet FTC Day 2: Reflection

MIAD it team ftc 2007

Last year I was the sole representative from MIAD to the FTC. This year MIAD had seven available for the wide opportunity of sessions, people networking and inspiration.  I think we are already looking forward to next year’s FTC!

WiscNet FTC Day 2: Moodle

moodle ftc 2007

Due to my Internet2 session I missed Moodle: facilitating communities of learners. Martin Dougiamas, founder and lead developer of Moodle was broadcast over the internet via Skype from Perth Australia to Madison. My team from MIAD enjoyed the session and we look for positive tasks for the summer.

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WiscNet FTC Day 2: Internet2 K20


The annual Internet2 K20 WorkGroup meeting was my first opportunity to share my learning and experiences as co-chair with Dan Gross. This has been a great opportunity to learn and engage educators and professional staff from around the state in furthering the awareness of Internet2 and the power it can deliver into the classroom.

i2k20 ftc 2007

We are looking to continue the momentum built in 2006/07 and will be pushing to establish exciting content for the upcoming Internet2 Day in Madison December 3rd 2007.

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WiscNet FTC Day 2: DDO

Requiring an online experience for high school graduation?

Following WiscNet’s Digital Districts Online (DDO) Symposium to explore the opportunity of requiring an online experience for high school graduation, development has progressed in Wisconsin following Michigan’s lead to be the first state to require online coursework for graduation.

DDO ftc 2007

Carole Witt Stark, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Merrill SD; Andrea Deau, Education Technology Liaison, WiscNet and John Krogman UW-Platteville.

Merrill and Milton school representatives along with Andrea Deau shared stories regarding the development of this state-wide online learning opportunity. Globalization is a factor driving this movement from Detroit to towns across Wisconsin impacted by the loss of jobs.  It will become the next big thing…without a doubt as we continue to compete globally and must provide solutions to students in metropolitan areas or rural farmlands.

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