Latest read: The Tipping Point

A long and exciting summer with Maxwell has taken me away from my daily reading. But I have just finished Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference and learned its just as great as reviews have suggested.
Chapter 3 (The Stickiness Factor: Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues and the Educational Virus) is a really great read and made a real impact in approaching a thread that is currently underway on Internet2‘s Teaching and Learning listserv.

The discussion is about the impact of SecondLife in K12 education. There are real questions about the validity of SecondLife.

After the initial hype of SecondLife (for higher education) peaked, colleges now find themselves in the same rut about really embracing SecondLife when virtual visits never really materialized. A lost leader? Probably.

Many including Wired‘s Chris Anderson are openly debating the ‘stickiness’ of SecondLife. Does it provide solid learning outside the classroom or studio?

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Text Message your next pizza

dominos pizzaThe emerging and cool method to order pizza is via SMS by Domino’s. After a successful test run early this summer.

Sound interesting? Big pizza lover? You will need to register and establish a preferred menu…but just text message “gametime” will have your favorite pizza at your door within 30 minutes.

And by gametime I mean football….well actually I mean soccer. Domino’s is making this available only in the United Kingdom.

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The new iMac makes a leap

Apple has released a new iMac generation that has a couple of more powerful features that you may have overlooked by it’s visual design: HD video and internal hard drive capacity of 1 terabyte in size. And built-in support for optical digital audio too.

I’m not sure anyone else is shipping a consumer system with these features…it’s their high end configuration but clearly demonstrates the penetration of these features for ‘home’ users. My first Mac shipped with 512K RAM and NO internal hard drive…How about your first computer?

Well today moving forward its 1 Terabyte capacity. Yup…Terabyte.

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The new way of learning

MIT has posted a free online course on the engineering and design aspects for 2.993 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering: The Art and Science of Boat Design, taught in January (IAP) 2007. This class seems like a great opportunity for MIAD students to engage in further learning. This course is another example of the OpenCourseWare movement available from colleges across the globe.

There is a small number of schools in the US that are participating in this Consortium. The mission is to share knowledge. There are 12 colleges in the USA while China has 30 colleges. It feels very much like Tom Friedman’s book The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century.
What can There are new opportunities for educators and students from around the world to freely participate in classes taught at MIT or Notre Dame, for example. And if you speak a foreign language…the world can really open your eyes. to new educational and cultural experiences.

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