Internet offline in Middle East & Asia

internet map cutEarly reports this morning point to a large-scale failure of the internet due to damaged cables in the Mediterranean ocean.

Access in Asia, Africa and the Middle East are currently the regions of the world without access. India is reporting its bandwidth has been cut in half.

This shows the weakness of patching legacy communication tools. Redundant cables anyone?

UPDATE: 02/05/08

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BMW integrates iPhone

BMW has once again integrated Apple technology.

Although announced months ago BMW has recently posted details online. To date iPhones are compatible with the 2007 line of vehicles. Its another look at BMW and Apple, two of the most known brands working to provide a seamless integration of their respective products.

BMW was the first vehicle manufacturer to integrate the iPod in 2004. Expect additional auto manufacturers to follow their lead.

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Latest read: Gang Leader for a Day

You’ve read Freakonomics…right? One of the most popular chapters Why Do Drug Dealers Still Live With Their Moms? is about Sudhir Venkatesh, a grad student at the University of Chicago who studied a crack cocaine gang The Black Kings in Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes (Building #4040) during the height of the crack epidemic in the 1990s.  I wanted to learn more about Sudhir. His book Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets is now available.

gang leader for a day

I recall my own orientation at the University of Chicago was exactly like Sudhir’s story — being warned by police where NOT to walk around campus and when. The tragic killing of a grad student last Friday, (January 25th) is such an example of the danger facing faculty, students and staff members.

My daily commute from Glenview via Metra to Citigroup Center, then to the Midway Plaisance (map via Google) via the University’s charter bus service passed the Washington Park Lagoon everyday. Sudhir mentions his exploration of the Lagoon and lessons learned from speaking with older black men about Chicago and its history. Sudhir allows readers to see another side of America.

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BMW’s open source project

BMW is working to create an Open Source based telematic systems with Connexis and WirelessCar. Telematics is the hot term for telecommunication & informatics. This project will permit BMW to update services to a vehicle without requiring additional equipment purchases. In a previous blog posting I suggested BMW was supporting IPv6 technologies and the telematics projects is a natural advantage for IPv6.

bmw telematic

Under development since 2003 BMW’s ConnectedDrive research vehicles can communicate to one another exchanging information on traffic, weather and road conditions directly from car to car by means of WirelessLAN communication technology.
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Latest read: Everything is Miscellaneous

David Weinberger’s book Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder is really amazing. It follows on the footsteps of Tom Friedman’s The World Is Flat and Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail.

Everything is MiscellaneousThis book presents an interesting look at the digital data we have access to via the internet and how the distribution of data will forever change business, education and society.

What is the biggest change outlined by David Weinberger? The world’s data will be tagged and freely shared, all on the internet.

From the Dewey Decimal System to Flickr and everything in between … is now miscellaneous.

Philadelphia Orchestra + Internet2

Internet2 is quickly becoming the performance stage for music. Philadelphia’s orchestra was stuck with declining audiences for its main subscription series and a downturn in ticket revenue. Pretty typical of many of today’s performing arts that must compete with consumers who have many more choices.

Their solution? Plan future performances over Internet2. The orchestra’s performance hall has installed HD video cameras and now the groundwork for performances sent in HD to Asia and Europe are underway.  This is similar to the plan by Internet2 member New World Symphony in Miami.

As they say, time to face the music. Jump on-board … or get run over. Your choice.

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There has always been an uproar in journalism circles regarding the use of ‘edited’ or ‘doctored’ photographs used in both print and online news publications. There was a large debate here on the use of images in the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) website regarding doctoring digital images.

bhutto aftermath

I am surprised to see nothing discussed about the doctored image above widely used from the Bhutto assassination. You’ll notice the motion or action effect on the photograph at right.

Maybe Photoshop’s Filter > Blur > Lens Blur effect perhaps? Is the use of a digital visual effect to ‘pinch’ the image and enhance of the impact of this image captured in the aftermath of the assassination? The original photo by Getty’s John Moore can be found here. The image appears as the 12th image in the NYTimes slideshow. So … its now acceptable to test our favorite Photoshop CS3 Filters?

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OLPC, Intel and sales commissions

Intel and OLPC have separated. After “publicly coming together” less than six months ago due to the negative efforts of an Intel saleswoman trying to persuade a Peruvian government official to drop their commitment to purchase 250,000 OLPC units in favor of Intel’s own PCs.

The way Intel leaked their decision to break from OLPC was underhanded to say the least. I cannot help but ask Intel’s chief executive Paul S. Otellini: what is Intel’s sales commission on a quarter of a million units?

OLPC’s statement sums it up pretty well: “[we] view the children as a mission; Intel views them as a market.”

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