Philadelphia Orchestra: Live via Internet2

Global concert seriesFriday afternoon Milwaukee‘s Discover World hosted a live performance by the Philadelphia Orchestra via Internet2. The Philadelphia Orchestra Association is a member of Internet2.

The HD video concert was projected in Discovery World’s Digital Theater which provides viewers with a spectacular 27foot wide high definition image with a 2048×1920 resolution picture.

Early arrival at Discovery World

The Philadelphia Orchestra is the first major orchestra to transmit live concerts to multiple large screen venues such as Discovery World. The live broadcast uses an MPEG 2 compressed stream running at bandwidths exceeding 50 times that of conventional internet video streams. For this concert performance only 20 venues around the world participated.

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Stanford’s $17 Billion endowment

Stanford today announced the largest increase in its financial aid program for undergraduates. Parents with incomes of less than $100,000 will no longer pay tuition.

Parents with incomes of less than $60,000 will not be expected to pay tuition or contribute to the costs of room, board and other expenses. Students will still be expected to contribute their earnings from work during the summer and academic year. The program also eliminates the need for student loans.

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Knowledge moving open source

This week both Harvard and MIT have chosen to share knowledge for free over the internet. Harvard will begin to freely distribute research via the internet to enhance the speed of online learning. The details for publishing content by faculty has already been distributed and only technical work needs to be finished. A projected opening date is set for early April.

MIT‘s OpenCourseWare project has now been extended to reach High School students. The OCW site for high school students provides audio and video lectures along with class assignments from almost 2,000 courses taught at MIT. Over 5,000 high school students already visit the OCW site monthly. Resources include content designed for teachers.allowing them to repurpose knowledge in their classrooms.

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OLPC moving to $50

Nicholas Negroponte’s presentation of the American Academy for the Advancement of Sciences revealed production of his OLPC units have surpassed 110,000/month. The conference theme is “Science and Technology from a Global Perspective” is underway in Boston this week.

He has also projected next year the price will drop to $100/unit, the original price tag when the project began…and should drop to just $50 in 2011.

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