Welcome to the iPad’s Digital Golden Age

Few would imagine what creative minds at Apple and Pixar would invent when the iPad was introduced.  With compelling content and affordable mobile devices my children are growing up in the Golden Age of Pixar, Apple and Disney.  The idea of playing an old school ‘board game’ pales in comparison with the iPad’s interactive, digital game and adventure opportunities.  Beyond driving around Radiator Springs, I believe a gold mine awaits with education for all ages.  But for now….off to the Apple Store to pickup a Lightning and Mater.

9/11 blunder by Alverno College President

A humiliating 9/11 blunder tonight by Alverno’s College President. Dr. Mary Meehan was the featured speaker at Alverno’s 9/11 Remembrance Service marking the ten year anniversary.

Sponsored by Alverno’s Civility Project her address was publicized as “An opportunity to hear her compelling, first-hand experience of the day that touched us all.”  Milwaukee Fox6 Television taped her address. Fox6 interviewed Dr. Meehan and several parents. The segment was broadcast on Fox6’s nightly newscast.

Shockingly Dr. Meehan was not even in New York City. She “watched” events unfold more than 15 miles away. She was in South Orange New Jersey on the campus of Seton Hall University.

9/11 blunder by Alverno College President
From Seton Hall University to Ground Zero

GoogleMap: 17 mile distance from Seton Hall to Ground Zero.

Dr. Meehan: Your attempt to share a “compelling, first-hand experience” is a humiliation to Alverno College and damages your reputation. Choose your words carefully:

Your address could have described fuselage debris from United #175 scattered on the grounds of the World Trade Center Complex. But you could not see debris from Seton Hall. Your address could have described how seemingly within seconds of United #175 impacting the South Tower a severed human leg fell onto 130 Liberty Street in-front of the Deutsche Bank Building. But you could not hear the screams from those passing by the limb from Seton Hall. You could have described how the impact of United #175 physically shook the entrance to the Deutsche Bank Building. But you could not feel that from Seton Hall.

If only you were actually standing on Liberty Street across the street from the South Tower on the day that touched us all. You would have stood next to my wife.