Ivanti Interchange Podcast

On a personal note, I was humbled to be considered a guest on Ivanti’s Interchange Podcast addressing ransomware in healthcare.

it interchange podcastI added their new series to my collection of InfoSec podcasts as soon as our Hospital server team acquired Ivanti’s Patch for Windows service back in June.

In this timeframe, I suggested to our Hospital’s patch subcommittee to consider Ivanti’s Patch Tuesday Webinar series into our meeting scheduled.

Ivanti launched their monthly webinar in April 2017 and provide a solid overview to Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday releases. This also includes key third-party updates from Adobe, Google, and Mozilla.

After registering for October’s webinar, by chance an out-of-the-blue a marketing specialist from Ivanti called. When I confirmed our participation in the coming Patch webinar, they suggested considering their new IT Interchange Podcast. I believe they were pleasantly surprised that I was able to recite all their podcast topics.
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Ivanti Patch for Windows

The 2017 Ransomware attacks on healthcare or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ivanti.

Ivanti’s Patch for Windows helps hospitals, clinics, and health systems mitigate ransomware attacks with agile change management, security controls and third-party patching for healthcare in the age of ransomware.
patch for windows
How did hospitals and clinics come to rely upon Ivanti? In 2017 the healthcare industry was confronted for the first time by a multi-headed monster in ransomware attacks. WannaCry, NotPetya and multiple ransomware strains have forever changed the data security landscape for hospitals, clinics and health systems.
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Latest read: Navigating the Health Data Ecosystem

The unique data issues explored in Navigating the Health Data Ecosystem by O’Reilly prove to be accurate regarding today’s modern, fast moving data environments. Health care has the unique demand regarding datasets that do not sync when compared to retail or corporate enterprises.
Navigating the Health Data EcosystemThe most perplexing issue surround support for human physiology is computing standards and compliance requirements. I recall working directly on large datasets for clinical trials that confirm the challenges outlined.

Navigating the Health Data Ecosystem indeed has “Six C’s”: Understanding the Health Data Terrain in the Era of Precision Medicine. Honestly at times it felt like 6 dozen C’s in O’Reilly’s guide from 2014.

Clearly the biggest “C” challenge is complexity. From the outside it may seem like an uphill battle but from within the health care data marketplace its like climbing Mount Everest…over twenty times. Many views navigating the Health Data ecosystem are a direct result of the Affordable Care Act.

However we should not ignore the opportunities facing the health care industry. It is still surprising to fully understand that electronic medical records (EMR) is still hand coded, data can be accurately labeled in multiple ways (including fax) while legacy data systems are still in operation. This causes a tremendous burden for effective change management systems to be effective given the unrealistic demands the public has regarding Health care data.